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Ludovic Chabant

Linuxiens : tu devrais vraiment essayer linux, et puis, c'est gratuit.
Also linuxiens : SI C GRATUI C VOU LE PRODUI

Happy new year!

(and of course while I was taking this photo, one of the kids tried to walk on the ice despite my previous warnings and filled his boot with cold water... yay parenting!)

Do not leave your cookies for santa!!! He uses those to see your browsing data and that’s how he knows what to get you! He’s a fraud!

procrastination level: checking out the federated timeline

Today's new camera editor feature took me from "this should be a simple thing to add" to "shit I need to implement a full fledged dependency graph system with caching and cyclic detection".

I..... think I'll think about it some more before coding.

Today's time waster for Canadians is this awesome census mapper thing!

TFW you realize you planted a bad memory leak in the game but nobody noticed it for a week.

This is brilliant: "Improvising in the style of different classical composers"