Lovecraftian horror movie by Hardware’s director, starring Nicolas Cage? I’m, uh, both intrigued and horrified

This is super cool: test driving over 50 programming fonts in your browser

I feel like this guy is opening Pandora’s box, here. Plus, this page makes my laptop CPU go crazy. But it’s fun!

You know what I love? In-fiction magazines. I haven't seen many, but as a kid I read this one that came with Wing Commander cover-to-front multiple times.

It's amazing how much free time you have when you're not spending hours trying to find the one cool Android ROM that isn't buggy as fuck
I got my nephew a Switch for Christmas he's been asking for one for ages xx

The cat went outside so we managed to finish this year’s Christmas Cat Playground! Only a ground level this time (it wasn’t very conclusive last year) but note the kids’ new idea of a chimney to insert toys!

I’m not done with this year’s Christmas Cat Playground yet but Lestat has already entered it and I’ve been waiting a long time to resume construction 😅

With Anthem finaling, I haven’t been to enough meetings at work these past couple months to doodle much in my sketchbook… those are pretty much the last couple good ones

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