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Last week I finally ran the classic Call of Cthulhu scenario “The Haunting”. My players stayed in the house for a few minutes and after weird shit started happening they said NOPE, hacked the front door, and ran outside. 😅

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@ludovic NICE!

I love that scenario. I'll be running at Terminal City Tabletop Con in march

@ludovic @Canageek I always have doors and windows start opening into other doors and windows inside once the shit starts. There is no outside.

It could also be fun to Ju-On the players, and have it follow them home.

@mdhughes @ludovic Wow, I keep it much more subtle. Make it seem like a normal house until they spend to much time downstairs, then lure them into the bedroom and try and murder them. Better if I can get one alone and shove them out the window.

@Canageek @ludovic H.P.Lovecraft's not M.R.James. Start just slow enough to get the meat fully up the abattoir ramp, then go weird on them. They're in a horror game to be horrified.

@mdhughes @ludovic I fully admit that I run my games much more Robert E Howard or Indiana Jones then pure Lovecraft.

I find I can't hit straight horror consistently enough. When I can, it works great, but when I wiff it isn't great, so I aim (and tell my players) for a pulp-horror feel and I can hit that most of the time.

@mdhughes @ludovic I forget if either of you are in YVR or close, but I'll be running some games at a convention if you want to see my play style.

@Canageek @mdhughes I'm in YVR so I'm up for it! What conventions do we have here though?

@ludovic @mdhughes I'll be running two games at Both on Sunday.

Be nice to see you again 8 years later!

@ludovic I've got three people signed up for one of the event I'm running, and only one for the other, so I'm really hoping I have enough to run the games!

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