I love my iPad Pro, I love most of the apps I have installed on it, but iOS is a constant disappointment. Every time Apple fixes something, they make 2 other things worse. I’m really hoping for a serious shake-up at WWDC.

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@ludovic I was gonna make a snarky comment about how open source things would solve your problems... but it's not like Android is faring any better 🤦🏻‍♂️

@jon_valdes Well at least Google had the decency of giving up altogether on Android on tablets 😂
Apple keeps piling on shit as if "more" was "improved". iOS on iPad feels like Windows10 at this point.

@jon_valdes Oh and hey I thought you'd quit social media? Go live your life! Smell flowers and pet puppies or something! (I don't know what people do when they go outside)

@ludovic I said I was quitting Twitter, as now it's just a cesspool of manufactured outrage. The overall feeling of being in Mastodon is a lot nicer, so I'm staying around for the time being.
Removing the Twitter app has made me realize I'm quite addicted to "the feed", though, with a constant stream of new stuff. Mastodon is my way to ease off of it, as I follow way fewer people here, so I don't get a "fix" as often. Maybe in a few months I'll disappear from here too. We'll see!

@jon_valdes Heh, good luck then, hopefully I’m part of the nice things on your feed 😋

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