Ludovic Chabant

Reminder that being left-handed means dealing with daily little bits of bullshit like Bluetooth phone/headphones combos that have lots of interference if the phone is in your left pocket ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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@ludovic Interesting - I'm right-handed, and I keep my phone in my left pocket 100% of the time.
I wonder what the correlation is between handedness and phone pocket (for folks who are lucky enough to get pockets built into their clothes).

@Tak Interesting. Someone else over on Twitter also said they were using the left pocket even though they're right handed. I wonder indeed about correlation now. But I know that after complaining about bluetooth connectivity with one of my headphones, the first support service from the manufacturer was "try to put the phone in a right side pocket" so it sounds like a common enough problem.

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