Addendum to last post the only “algorithm” I ever wanted in an RSS reader is the ability to separate “high frequency” and “low frequency” feeds, so irregular blogs don’t get drowned by big websites. Fiery Feeds, for instance, does that.

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@ludovic I've been a bit worried about Feedly's move in this direction recently (but also got lifetime Pro when Google Reader kicked us all out, so far meaning I can turn off all the algorithmic stuff they're testing).

@shivoa what has Feedly been doing? (I know they had a couple blunders a few years back on that front)

I was using them just after GR died but then I hopped hover to Newsblur, then Feedbin, and now Inoreader. I'd recommend all three, really.

@ludovic The focus in the last 18 months has been Leo:
Lots of "show best content first" & "AI driven discovery". You can turn it all off for now - so I still just get fast, easy to browse, full of all my folders & archive of searchable things I've read going back years (better than Google for finding an article I read years ago).

@shivoa Ah thanks. Mmmh, yeah. I think it's fine if it's optional. It can even be helpful if it's done well and with transparency (i.e. you know how it works). Something to keep an eye on, it could go either way...

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