Ludovic Chabant

iOS13 review so far: it keeps advertising Apple Pay and has utterly fucked certain workflows like using Opener. But I guess Dark Mode is nice?

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@ludovic yep BUT actually you can update most of the workflows and the opener update is here. (but yeah this update is... rocky. And Catalina will be worst).

@Cafeine for Opener the worst thing for me is the change in the Share sheet, which wastes the top row on your contacts, and only shows you the one top favourite action, with everything else requiring scrolling down :(
I don't think an Opener update would change that unless they expose it in the Apps section instead of as an Action? (I imagine there are different limitations for either)

@ludovic I reordered a lot of shit and yes they could "force" the app to be in the 2nd row. I know for a fact that even A LOT of Apple guys are not happy with the new share sheet but they needed more time to fix that mess. I do hope we don't have to wait for iOS 14 for that. :x

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