Now is the time to ask the eternal question that mankind has struggled with since the dawn of consciousness: “what the fuck was I working on before the holiday break?”

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@d wow, well, I hope they re-did the orientation course and everybody re-introduced themselves :)

Just got in to work, and it took me 10 minutes to remember the bike room door security code. I wonder if I'll even remember where my desk is

@jon_valdes @ludovic I made it to the door before I realized that I forgot my access card (the receptionist recognized me and let me in)

@hugin @ludovic
That's a common enough thing here that we have special badges for people that forget theirs.

The badges have the word "dumbass" in Swedish, followed by a number.

Last time I was "Dumbass 27"

@ludovic one could argue that 'if you have to ask, it wasn't important'.

@berkes I’m working on video games. OF COURSE none of it is really important!

@ludovic but seriously: I have a trick for this, it's called "INK". Blogged about that a while ago:

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