The Boy was a decent movie with a fun (though ultimately unoriginal) twist. The Boy 2 takes that twist, turns it around, and fucks it up into the stratosphere of stupidity. Uugggh.

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@ludovic According to Rotten Tomatoes, that’s a 👍 from any Hollywood-focused publication and a 👎 from anyone else, so I’m still unclear if I like it. Please let me know before I see it.

@bmp which one, the first or second movie? I think the first movie is a fine choice for an evening of relaxation and fun. But it looks like it has bad reviews so who knows maybe I’m in the minority here (I’m a sucker for evil dolls). The second movie is bad and not worth your time.

@bmp FWIW I’m checking out Bloody Disgusting’s review of the movie and I mostly agree with them there

@ludovic To be entirely honest, I was being deeply sarcastic; I’ve found Rotten Tomatoes increasingly unreliable in either direction. I’ve quite a few movies they’ve hated that I love.

@bmp hah yeah fair enough ;)

I started reading Bloody Disgusting a year or so ago and I find myself agreeing most of the time with their reviews. Finding a good review website will indeed always be better than some automated aggregator or popularity contest.

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