I found a local producer who makes a delightful rhubarb jam. I’m happy.

The April chocolate is here, courtesy of Origins Chocolate Bar! I’ll be happy to keep sampling some Qantu, and definitely intrigued by a brand called “the Chocolate Conspiracy” 😅

Hard to pick my without flip-flopping between titles… here we go before I change my mind: Call of Cthulhu Amber Diceless RPG Cyberpunk 2020 Delta Green Unknown Armies If you can’t recognize the cover, it’s the French version ;)

A couple of us North American nerds are organizing a local time-zone friendly alternative to Dirk the Dice twitter.com/theGROGNARDfile’s British RPG book club! First meeting is April 17th in the morning, discussing (among other books) The Elusive Shift. DM me for details!

The Delta Green Kickstarter keeps on giving! Frankly at this point I don’t even know which books I still have coming up… 😅

This month’s chocolate delivery, courtesy of Origins Chocolate Bar!

I received my hardcover copies of the Sandheart trilogy! It’s a campaign for RuneQuest Glorantha set in Prax… in which you can see a few illustrations and maps by me! Yay! drivethrurpg.com/m/product/296

It’s been a long time since I last visited MacLeod’s… here’s today’s haul! A mix of art and writing references…

It’s so let’s participate for the first time! I’m a French & Canadian (but not French-Canadian!) half-black game programmer by day, and aspiring illustrator and writer by night. I hope you like these!

The excellent Origins Chocolate Bar in New Westminster is doing chocolate subscription boxes! Here’s their selection for January (I took the safe “dark chocolate” subscription). Visit them and/or subscribe!

It took me a whiiiiile to understand that this icon on my glove finger means that I can use them on a touch screen… (which is neat)

Unapologetically Pacific Northwestern, these wooden dice from Adventure Dice look so nice on a rainy day!

The Covid-19 stats of bi-lingual countries where one of the cultures is French remind us that, well, French people are fucking stupid

Here’s my Chaosium autumn bundle, fresh from the friendly postman! I probably won’t get to the bottom row anytime soon, but I will definitely start reading the top row right away!

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