I think I’m all prepared (for a certain definition of “prepared”) to run my two games at ChaosiumCon!

New arrival: some fancy Mythos tarot cards! These will go well next to my fancy HR Giger tarot cards…

This is supposed to be the first game with a dice pool mechanic! Well, the 2nd edition of it (because it’s cheaper to find… looks like the rules are similar, only with some tweaks and added gear tables). Plus: a ghost die!

A cautionary tale about “Frankenstein vs the monster” in 4 steps of Telestrations, a game where you draw something, next players writes what it is, next one draws that, and so on. The first prompt was of course “Frankenstein”.

Kickstartled: when you receive a big Kickstarter package that you forgot was finally coming, and it’s much bigger than you expected. For example:

I received my French RuneQuest Glorantha books! Lots of cool exclusive and tweaked stuff in there (but note that only the Dundealos campaign book is new material). Congrats and thanks to Studio Deadcrows!

It looks like everybody received it weeks ago, but the Fellowship finally made it to western Canada!

Excellent snow and weather conditions up here. And no wait at the ski lifts! Real moments of beauty when the sun rays pierce through the fog or light up snowflakes like thousands of fireflies

The Troubleshooters, an action/investigation RPG heavily inspired by Tintin, Spirou & Fantasio, and other Belgian/French comics from the 50s~80s. It has lots of cool handouts and props!

My RuneQuest Starter Set has finally arrived! The first order of business was of course to weigh it against all my other Starter Sets… 😅

Congrats to Free League on all the ENNIE awards, especially the unsurprising but still well deserved fan favourite publisher award! Vaesen and Alien are great games, YZE is a great system, check them out!

Ptolus is a fucking monster of a book. Seriously it’s huge. I don’t think I’ll ever play it as is, but I’ll definitely borrow ideas here and there! It’s full of them.

This book was left on my doorstep yesterday. I don’t remember ordering it but I had dreams about it these past few weeks. Is it my handwriting in it? Can’t be, it’s part of the printed pages. Hold on, my nose is bleeding, be right back.

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