I bought a little bit of Emmental cheese. Hopefully it can last until next week.

So… this happened over the weekend. Got it for cheap, and pretty happy about it!

The cat went outside so we managed to finish this year’s Christmas Cat Playground! Only a ground level this time (it wasn’t very conclusive last year) but note the kids’ new idea of a chimney to insert toys!

I’m not done with this year’s Christmas Cat Playground yet but Lestat has already entered it and I’ve been waiting a long time to resume construction 😅

With Anthem finaling, I haven’t been to enough meetings at work these past couple months to doodle much in my sketchbook… those are pretty much the last couple good ones

It’s been a long time since I last doodled. Can’t even get basic body proportions right 😭

When I’m done with your buddy here, you’re next, tasty little marzipan pig


Okay this is getting scary: my Vim plugin Gutentags has now passed the 1000 Github stars mark… thank you, Vim nerds! github.com/ludovicchabant/vim-

Behold my awesome alien planet exploration vehicle, with articulated body, machine gun, and special storage compartment!

Surprisingly, it rained a lot in Vancouver.

In BC these days we put envelopes inside envelopes to vote about how we vote. Very meta! Go ProRep!

I added a few new coloured keycaps to my HHKB!

Also, they have horizontal traffic lights here.

How you can tell you’re in the French part of Canada…

It occurred to me that here I am on Dog Mountain, and I’m wearing my Dog t-shirt!

Yes, everyone, it’s time for yet another rhubarb pie!

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