Seems like a great way to support LetsEncrypt (which I use for all my websites): donate and AgileBits matches your donation!

We are almost done binge-watching the MCU movies with the 12yo, and after Infinity War I told him I would give him the full experience by waiting one year before showing Endgame…. He… was not amused 😝

I hadn’t seen this nice “making of” documentary before… if you love “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” even a 10th of how I love it, you’ll get a kick of some of those production anecdotes:

I found a local producer who makes a delightful rhubarb jam. I’m happy.

“We have politicians that are trying to please everybody and are making totally counter-productive policy decisions”.

At first I was, like, “this isn’t so bad", and then I realized it was 20min long

Overheard at home: “I know what it means to ‘calm down’, but what does it mean to ‘calm up’?”

“I grew up a Black girl in Alberta without ever hearing of Amber Valley. How does history go missing?”

This is a laudable move from Epicurious but frankly all of these initiatives, all of our personal choices to reduce or eliminate meat, they’re not going to accomplish much. Only government regulation will.

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