@Cafeine ah cool j’adooooore cette nouvelle édition, elle est vraiment bien fichue et les livres sont magnifiques! Good stuff

TFW you realize your DriveThruRPG account has 200 never downloaded files, and 150 updated files.

@Cafeine haha cool! Vous avez joue a quel jeu exactement?

Sinon, bien bien, je vais le follow pour voir quand son bouquin sort, ca pourrait etre interessant

@Cafeine son nom me dit vaguement quelque chose ouais...

Première partie de JdR en général ?

@djmoch oh man I buy my chocolate from a specialized chocolate shop! I’M FANCY

Oh hey, look what kind of Glorantha loot I managed to get my hands on!

@sir shit, just looked up Walkure, and it looks like the Macross series are getting crazy

@Cafeine for Opener the worst thing for me is the change in the Share sheet, which wastes the top row on your contacts, and only shows you the one top favourite action, with everything else requiring scrolling down :(
I don't think an Opener update would change that unless they expose it in the Apps section instead of as an Action? (I imagine there are different limitations for either)

iOS13 review so far: it keeps advertising Apple Pay and has utterly fucked certain workflows like using Opener. But I guess Dark Mode is nice?

Oh joy: over time, Python’s regex module has changed which characters it escapes or not…

@Canageek Heh no worries, you already mentioned it via email. And I don't think anybody can do 3 weekly games :D

For you GURPS fans or GURPS curious people, SJG is running a PDF sale: 33% off for GURPS’ 33rd birthday! Time to get more optional rules! sjgames.com/ill/archive/2019-0

By the way we could take another 1 or 2 players — PM me if interested.

Yesterday evening was about preparing the first game for Chaosium’s latest Call of Cthulhu organized play campaign… we are creating characters on Friday!

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