Well that’s it, my last day at EA on the Frostbite team. I’m saying goodbye to this awesome giant screen. And also to my nice colleagues. But mostly the screen 😅

Of course I caught a cold on the day BC broke a 17 year old temperature high record 😓

@sir lol what? Safari can’t load that page because of my ad blockers apparently 😂

Lestat surveys this nice bundle of The Expanse RPG that I backed on Kickstarter a while ago. He seems pleased, in a feline sort of way.

@cadey @sir In GMail if you click the 3 vertical dots icon next to the trash can (bottom right) you'll see a "Plain Text Mode" option.

I haven't tried iOS Spark, but I took a look at macOS Spark and didn't see any way to disable HTML, sadly. The Spark devs are pretty nice usually though so you could ping them with a feature request.

@cadey @sir in macOS Mail you can change a message to "plain text" by going into "Format > Make Plain Text" (it will show "Make Rich Text" instead if you were already in plain text mode). You can also set the default mode (rich or plain text) in "Preferences > Composing > Message Format".

In iOS Mail, it looks like it sends it in plain text by default if you didn't use any formatting, so unless I'm missing something, you don't have to do anything.

The catacombs generator is coming along smoothly. Added some more rooms, weighted the RNG so less dead-end rooms generate, and started work on lighting (though candles don't add much) #gamedev #indiedev

There's a lot more verticality now since elevators are weighted higher too. Still using a lot of testing rooms that don't have materials set up well though.

@Tak Interesting. Someone else over on Twitter also said they were using the left pocket even though they're right handed. I wonder indeed about correlation now. But I know that after complaining about bluetooth connectivity with one of my headphones, the first support service from the manufacturer was "try to put the phone in a right side pocket" so it sounds like a common enough problem.

Reminder that being left-handed means dealing with daily little bits of bullshit like Bluetooth phone/headphones combos that have lots of interference if the phone is in your left pocket ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Yesterday’s bike ride through East Van was pretty nice!

my cat when i enter the bathroom and close the door

@jon_valdes or maybe you found someone that’s very bad at being on holidays 😅

I finally got around to frame that awesome poster I got with my copy of “The Bitmap Brothers: Universe”!

Pro tip: if you can’t find any dark hot chocolate, or you’re out of it, you can get those common ones and mix them to your liking!

There are only a few hours left on the DoubleSix Dice Kickstarter. I have a bag of the first generation ones, and I really like them! If you use D6’s, get some now! kickstarter.com/projects/mattf

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