Ok I’m 41 and I now own a caulking gun. Am I a proper home-owner dad now? (FYI I had no idea what a caulking gun was this morning)

@jon_valdes No but my ego is pretty good at making me believe I'm awesome pretty quickly!

@carcinopithecus Oh that reminds me I probably need a programming hat now too!

It’s now official: I have “programming pants” and a “programming robe”.

The one thing that sucks about getting a new job is how utterly useless and stupid you feel in the first couple months. Thankfully this time I can do it from home with no pants — it helps dealing with the shame!

A couple days ago I drew a Gloranthan duck. So, err, here it is!

I’m considering getting some gaming mat. Anybody got recommendations between Quiver mats, Tabletop Companion, and Big Viking mats?

I love that when we go to the nearby parc for a quick picnic, our cat Lestat comes with us!

@jon_valdes Ah sorry wrong picture, that one is one Long Beach (between Ucluelet and Tofino)

@jon_valdes Haha no, it's not in Vancouver, it's in Ucluelet 😋 (it's called "Terrace Beach")

Catching up with some reading during the vacation

Ah the good old days! Rolemaster is what got me into “crunchy” TTRPG systems back in high school! It’s fun to dig back into it…

Free Geek Vancouver is apparently in need of funding and are asking for money (including a newly launched Patreon). I got rid of old electronics multiple times thanks to them so consider donating! vancouverisawesome.com/2019/07

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