@jon_valdes haha well I learned to sketch quickly to keep busy all the way back to history and biology classes in middle school :)
Each of those drawings is generally a 1h meeting (like the 30min retrospective + 30min review at the end of each sprint)

With Anthem finaling, I haven’t been to enough meetings at work these past couple months to doodle much in my sketchbook… those are pretty much the last couple good ones

It’s been a long time since I last doodled. Can’t even get basic body proportions right 😭

Parents, you have exactly ONE CHANCE, after having listened to “Won’t Get Fooled Again” or “Baba O’Riley” or something, when the kids ask you who is playing that song, to reply with the right intonation. DON’T FUCK IT UP.

It’s really annoying to see all those animated movie remakes being done in 3D CGI. Like, what’s wrong with 2D animation? Or even 2D-looking CGI? I guess I need to throw my money at the Spider-verse movie to show support for different artistic styles.

7 year old kid: “That’s super old, super super old. Like, from the 20th century.”

going to propose an emoji of a bike shed to the Unicode consortium but it’s never going to get ratified because nobody will be able to agree on the finer points of how it should be described

Reminder for all the #AnthemGame alpha players giving feedback: Don't armchair-game-design. Talk about your expectations and how stuff made you feel:

🚫 "Guns should hit 27.3% harder"
✔ "Enemies feel tankier than I expected"
✔ "Guns feel like pea shooters"

When I’m done with your buddy here, you’re next, tasty little marzipan pig

Stockholm people! I’ll be in your beautiful city next week for the annual Frostbite DevDays, so ping me if you want to meet for fika or even just say hi!

@jgarfink is that a player or GM (or player who wants to GM)? If GM, some adventure book! If a player, some nice wooden dice tray or dice bag!

@sir Congrats! Looks nice... and I'm glad to see more people hacking away against the monopoly of Github.
I'm a Mercurial guy myself however... (I might contribute if there's any desire to make sr.ht less Git specific!)


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