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A year ago when I joined Mastodon, I promised a write-up on how was different. I always threw out the draft posts because they felt too competitive. Today I reframed it around how to find our way out of the problems with massive social networks:

Just so you know, "git -amend" doesn't amend anything.

It gets parsed as: git -a -m 'end'

That is, it commits all modified files with a message that just says "end"

I suffer so you don't have to 🤦‍♂️

Looking for a roommate for a rather spacious apartment in Vancouver- Your share would be about $700/month after expenses which is really good for Burnaby. Finally admitting that I shouldn't be living above my means, and I love this apartment and don't want to move out. #YVR #Vancouver

Writing old school C code is both weird (when you come from C++) and strangely liberating…

Starfleet UX designers learned that if they didn't make some bridge consoles explode, captains would ignore damage until the shields failed.

Hi! I'm making Tusk, a rather nice Mastodon client for iOS. If you want to test, sign up at 😁

I have been programming since like 1985 and I just realized this minute that a "corner case" is, like, where an edge case hits another edge case and gets even weirder. I've been using "edge case" and "corner case" as synonyms without ever thinking about it.

Pierre-Yves David, core Mercurial dev, just announced that they have a prototype for Mercurial support in Gitlab. This is amazing, I hope it lands on Gitlab master!

Welcome new people! :blobcheer: 👏 👋

Some useful #Mastodon features you might not know about:

Delete & Redraft - Click on the ... under your posts.

Tools to move instances -

Block particular instances -

Image Descriptions -

RSS Feeds -

Undocumented keyboard shortcuts -

Don't need link shorteners -

...any others to share?

#Community #MastoTips

Humble suggestion that “shitposting” on masto be renamed to “pooptootin”

I tried Bauxitedev's entry for #LOWREZJAM today and wow, it's amazing!

So much detail, gorgeous artwork, SFX and gameplay packed in a 64x64 px jam game. I long for an extended version :)

Playable on Linux, macOS and Windows, made with #GodotEngine.

Hey, new users. 🤫 Guess what. This isn't Mastodon. You've been lied to.

Don't believe me? 👀 Look at my profile:
You see the last box in the left column? Where it says 'Serversoftware: Pleroma'?

🕵️ That's what they don't want you to know. This is the fediverse and it's bigger than mastodon. You can use any software that works and it's all the same network.

Don't let them keep the truth from you. There's a bigger world out there. 🤯

If Mastodon isn't for you, check out some other places and you can still hangout with us. can help you out. The fediverse is a big and old place and it has lots of little corners. Don't let them box you in.

Also, they have horizontal traffic lights here.

How you can tell you’re in the French part of Canada…

Homemade whipped cream is the best kind of whipped cream.

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