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Sex is nice and all, but have you tried to completely sort out your cable management solution for your home office?

And just like that, I’m probably now known by the postman as “that weird guy who receives a whole bunch of packages in his robe and PJs”

That’s a super good idea, but I would have loved to first see Compass Cards give us access to the False Creek ferries…

Yesterday evening in the park: “I wonder what that big orange light is, up ahead” After running around the corner: “oh right, it’s just Vancouver in the fall”

My understanding of IPv4 exhaustion timeline:

2011: we are out of IPs.
2012: we are really out of IPs.
2014: we are really really out of IPs.
2015: we are really really really out of IPs.
2017: we are really really really really out of IPs.
2018: we are really really really really really out of IPs.
2019: we are really really really really really really out of IPs.

The new design of Mail app’s message toolbar is another thing that has been driving me crazy about iOS 13. What a mess

GitLab commits -> jobs is now live for

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting I just watched “Clown” for the first time and, oh my, it’s a hell of a fun horror movie!

I should really write a literary tabletop roleplaying game called Ampersands & Alliterations

I just installed iOS 13.1.3 and drag and drop is still utterly broken in the entire OS. This release cycle is a complete mess.

Mercurial has many little awesome features, but hg absorb is definitely one of the latest ones I started using…

TFW you realize your DriveThruRPG account has 200 never downloaded files, and 150 updated files.

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