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After much hesitation I have finally come to a decision for my upcoming RuneQuest Glorantha game: the players will start in the Far Place, as members of a Bachad clan!

I’m finally going back to playing Delta Green! The poor players are in for a treat with this awesome haunted house adventure… let’s see if I can get one of them to shoot the others!

A while back someone posted a thread about how it super isn't cool that non-Jewish creatives constantly use The Golem, protector of the Jewish people, as a fantasy monster or robot stand-in. Since then I've been thinking about other ancient robot stories which people could use as inspiration for their stories, games, etc.

In this thread I'm going to give a brief overview of a handful of ancient robots. These stories all have different interpretations and retellings, but these are my takes.

Today Sourcehut celebrates the 1 year anniversary of it's public alpha beginning 🎉 🎉 🎉

If you see me in a parked car, drumming energetically on the wheel, it’s probably because Goodbye Stranger started playing when I parked and I just can’t turn it off mid-song and walk away.

Signs Your Adventuring Party Is Tackling a Past-Its-Prime Dungeon 

Zelda, dying forever in the castle: “You’re ready to defeat Ganon! My life is in your hands!“ Hyrule people, under the thumb of Ganon’s creatures: “You’re ready to defeat Ganon! Go save us!” Me: "Nah, I like running around and cooking mushrooms, lol”

Hey everyone! @DialMforMara is running a charity auction for some pillows that weren't accepted into the Desert Bus craft along this year, to get people hyped up for Desert Bus.

The pillows show the four shift logos, are hand knitted, and are really cool.

(Money goes to child's play, but doesn't count as a Desert Bus donation, it just seemed a shame not to do something with the pillows since they were already made)

#DesertBus #BoostsOK

"OK Boomer" only works on Boomers from Google. If your Boomer is from Apple, you have to say "Hey, Boomer." If it's from Amazon, you can simply preface your instruction with "Boomer", e.g. "Boomer, stop."

So I went from “I’m not a miniatures guy, I just have a few I gathered over the years" to “I received a Battlefoam PACK720 to better store all that stuff and holy fuck it’s almost full already how did this happen”.

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