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I can definitely tell that half the people without kids are super bored being stuck at home because half of my players are, like, doing research and preparing things ahead of tonight’s (online) game! What the hell?

Colouring! Just winging it like a noob. Maybe I should read a book or two on the subject.

One day I’ll draw a character for which I’m happy with the proportions and pose. Today is not that day. But hey I’ll get there eventually 🤞🏽

I guess this week was as good a time as any to introduce the kids to Pandemic… every outbreak was accompanied by them yelling “they’re not washing their hands in !”

I baked some apple pies with one of the kids, while explaining to him a few things about the mathematics of circles, and the weirdness of North American date formats. That’s a good Pi day!

The wife just came back from weekly groceries and reported that some items like toilet paper were limited to one per person. Interestingly, they seemed out of flour and sugar: it looks like people are taking Pi-day seriously this year!

A Delta Green agent is in trouble… don’t send help, just send a cleanup crew.

Ce papier va direct dans mes archives ❤️❤️

Legend Of Grimrock is getting old, but remains as fresh as the day of release | Rock Paper Shotgun

Please use Firefox, if for no other reason than to keep the browser landscape diverse and alive.

More kids D&D: one of the kids is clearly growing up to be a min-maxer, and I learned now that his character is a dwarf sorcerer named “Whatever” 😂😂😂

My kid’s D&D group usually snacks on healthy shit like fruits. Wtf is wrong with young people these days? 😅

8yo kid: so my friend calls me a nerd
Me: what does it mean?
Kid: it means above average intelligence, but also a bit annoying
Me: oh hey that’s me too! I’m also a nerd!
Kid: dad, I said ABOVE AVERAGE intelligence
Me: 😐😐😐😑😑

It’s GMs Day today so high five to all the GMs out there, especially the “forever GMs” like me who just love being behind the screen. Incidentally, I’m actually a player right now for the first time in a long time!

And finished! Some wheat farmers in Glorantha. Maybe Esrolia, I don’t know, who cares, I just wanted to draw something!

The kids wanted to do a drawing contest where the theme was “maps”. I did a cave complex for some undefined RPG

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