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Fans: “Ghostbuster: Afterlife will finally be the sequel we deserve, faithful to the original!”

Ghostbuster Afterlife: (cringy merchandising opportunity)

Quelques corrections en plus today, enjoy :)

“Fauteuil de bureau : ce qu’il faut savoir avant d’acheter |”

The “New World” edition of @TheRPGLibrarian’s RPG Bookclub has been moved to the 24th because I’m a dumbass and the previous week-end conflicted with @theGROGNARDfile’s Virtual Grogmeet 2021! Apologies for the change. PM me for details!

The April chocolate is here, courtesy of Origins Chocolate Bar! I’ll be happy to keep sampling some Qantu, and definitely intrigued by a brand called “the Chocolate Conspiracy” 😅

Hard to pick my without flip-flopping between titles… here we go before I change my mind: Call of Cthulhu Amber Diceless RPG Cyberpunk 2020 Delta Green Unknown Armies If you can’t recognize the cover, it’s the French version ;)

We just (re)watched Aladdin, and it’s as good a time as any to introduce the kids to philosophy, right?

Apparently this year’s cherry blossom was the earliest ever since the year 812. The trend is pretty clear…

Cell A is currently investigating if these new techniques also work on “real” memories. Tying loose ends with only 15% to 25% of lethal solutions would be greatly beneficial to the organization

…and somewhat related to that last article, it looks like we even waste more food than the Americans. Boooo Canada.

The US is still doing better than us in a few things, like, very surprisingly, nutritional information labels… ugh. Well, you shouldn’t eat much packaged food anyway, cooking is more fun!

I got nostalgic when I saw ICQ and Winamp, but I got horrible flashbacks of my very first junior year as a dev when I saw the Visual C++ screenshots 😱

The first Harn hardback Kickstarter is up, in case you’re not nerdy and/or OCD enough to use binders to classify your medieval RPG material!

Oh hey, GURPS Realm Management is out! As with many GURPS 4e supplements, it’s cheap, small, and oozes of generic ideas that are easy to use or transpose into a different system if you don’t use GURPS!

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