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Me after every single session: “OK, I’ve got ONE WEEK to come up with explanations for all the shit I badly improvised during yesterday’s session. Also, what was the name of that important NPC I invented?”

Congrats to Steve Jackson Games on reaching a hundred GURPS titles available as print-on-demand! The print quality is, well, POD quality, but that still beats “out-of-print”.

Haha I love this thing: “Nestflix”, a fake Netflix for movies that only exist inside other movies:

The blood moon rises again! Wait no, fuck, that’s the sun

If you haven’t tried Affinity’s product line yet as an alternative to Adobe Creative Suite, now’s the time! They have announced dramatic performance improvements across the board!

I have zero illusion that Apple’s “child safety” features will be used with non-CSAM image banks and lower thresholds in several countries eventually. But we will likely know about it only years after it starts happening.

Ooof… that’s very sad for Firefox, even though it’s become WAY better in the past couple years than it had been in the previous 10. Please use Firefox!

Seems like a great way to support LetsEncrypt (which I use for all my websites): donate and AgileBits matches your donation!

We are almost done binge-watching the MCU movies with the 12yo, and after Infinity War I told him I would give him the full experience by waiting one year before showing Endgame…. He… was not amused 😝

I hadn’t seen this nice “making of” documentary before… if you love “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” even a 10th of how I love it, you’ll get a kick of some of those production anecdotes:

I found a local producer who makes a delightful rhubarb jam. I’m happy.

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