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By the way one cool thing about making rhubarb pies is that after you’re done you have yummy rhubarb juice!

Third rhubarb pie of the season! Y’all know I love rhubarb, right?

Yesterday was VanCAF and I’m happy this great convention is still going, even though I only did a quick walk through

I think I’m all prepared (for a certain definition of “prepared”) to run my two games at ChaosiumCon!

We are watching Last Action Hero again and it’s just getting better with age.

It’s 2022 and macOS still doesn’t know how to keep a network drive connected correctly.

We watched Nightbooks on Netflix yesterday with the kids and it was a pretty good PG “intro to horror” movie. Plus, a Krysten Ritter who seems to be having fun in her role.

Heh, there are so many GM-less and solo-journaling RPGs on that I started seeing games specify that they are “GM-full games” 😝

I’m watching Legend of Korra with the kids, and they have come up with the next new type of bending that should be discovered: cheese-bending. That’s French kids for you. Maybe it’ll be in the TTRPG…

New arrival: some fancy Mythos tarot cards! These will go well next to my fancy HR Giger tarot cards…

This is supposed to be the first game with a dice pool mechanic! Well, the 2nd edition of it (because it’s cheaper to find… looks like the rules are similar, only with some tweaks and added gear tables). Plus: a ghost die!

A cautionary tale about “Frankenstein vs the monster” in 4 steps of Telestrations, a game where you draw something, next players writes what it is, next one draws that, and so on. The first prompt was of course “Frankenstein”.

I don’t pay much attention to Pathfinder but there seems to be interesting things there. For instance Paizo writes player guides for melee fighting or magic or whatever. I’d love to see that kind of stuff for other crunchy systems.

Yay, my first Obsidian plug-in, “remember-file-state”, has been published! If you’re using Obsidian for your writing or note taking, you should check it out!

Amazing how much Apple is running ads for their iCloud subscriptions to me right in their OSes and I can’t opt out. I gave you plenty of money already, Tim, dammit!

Malignant was quite fun once I was past the shock of seeing a ridiculously cheesy horror movie in 2021. The prison scene alone was worth it!

So the years of shitty Apple product line-ups for serious pros was really because Apple had everything on bad-ass long-term R&D, eh?

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