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Woo hey, I don’t know when it happened but my adventure “Bog Struggles” is now Silver Best Seller! If you like spirit-world body horror and cute newtlings, this one’s for you!

The main reason I prefer Dungeon Crawl Classics to Old School Essentials is… that really I have no fucking idea which OSE rulebook is the “main” rulebook. I’m not sure they even have a single main rulebook. Just a bunch of tomes with a random subset of rules inside.

I realized that the D&D movie trailer was out from hearing about grognards complaining about rules compliance. Oh well. Looks entertaining to me.

This is a good short video that compares those recent James Webb Telescope photos with what we had before:

Heads up devs: as of last week we finally finished removing Matinee completely from the codebase, after years of slow deprecation… it’s all Sequencer now! Ping me if you have questions.

The aforementioned 40th anniversary signed box will go nicely next to my signed 20th anniversary edition, which has been one of the best RPG unboxing experiences ever for me

I received my Call of Cthulhu 40th anniversary signed box! LOTS in there, although I’m a bit disappointed by the colour printing quality — probably understandable given the printing crisis and amount of stuff for the price tag… nice to get out of print books though!

Not much to do today so we went kayaking, said hello to various animals, and waved at the rich people houses

You can get ramen from the Second Beach concession stand now…

Yay it’s here! It’s here! I’m already trying to convert monsters to the Red Goddess with it

I forgot to wish everyone a happy Canada Day yesterday! 🇨🇦 From the beautiful traditional Coast Salish people’s territories!

I finally watched The Wire. It was absolutely fucking brilliant. Far above 99% of anything else done on TV.

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